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YaconViva! is one of nature's true superfoods. A delicious natural sweetener and sugar alternative that makes a healthy addition to treats, bakes, breakfasts and desserts.  All the sweetness with none of the guilt!

Lose weight, feel great and indulge your sweet tooth... embrace the #lowsugarlifestyle

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With a Glycaemic Index (GI) of just ​​​1, Yacon is much lower than maple, honey or agave [ref]. This means it won't spike your blood sugar and it will slow the absorption of sugars it is consumed with.


YaconViva is high in fibre and naturally prebiotic. This means it can help feed your natural gut flora and help you feel fuller for longer.


Yacon is ideal for vegan, gluten-freepaleo, keto, low GI/GL,low sugar and low carb diets.


Our syrups and nibs are premium-grade and naturally derived with organic certification.


Read more about the benefits of Yacon Syrup, backed up by real, published scientific papers.

Bring Some Guilt-free sweetness to all of your dishes...

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  • YaconViva! Organic Peruvian Yacon Syrup
    YaconViva! Organic Peruvian Yacon Syrup 560g,220g
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  • YaconViva! Organic Cacao Nibs Sweetened with Yacon (300g)
    YaconViva! Organic Cacao Nibs Sweetened with Yacon (300g) Default Title
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  • Discount Taster Pack (220g Yacon Syrup + Cacao Nibs)
    Discount Taster Pack (220g Yacon Syrup + Cacao Nibs)
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What Happened when Zac Efron tried Yacon Syrup in Lima?

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Have you discovered YaconViva yet?

This is really good stuff! I have been looking for a low insulin sweetener for years... Discovered the benefits and flavour of Yacon root in Switzerland but was unable to find a steady supply here in England until now. Compared to the traditional paste-based I knew, this product comes in a cool design and the smell and taste is just great! its light, its smooth and its healthy. Very happy!


Absolutely love this stuff! Use it in my smoothies, on pancakes, in my porridge and even in things like stir-frys and spag-bol for completely guilt-free sweetness. This is really excellent value for money.


This little gem is amazing. I am on the keto diet and i have made keto stickee toffee pudding using this instead of dates.


Our Story

Conviva Health Ltd is a  small family business with the objective of bringing the tastiest and healthiest foods from Latin America.  With our connections in Peru, we have access to  some of the undiscovered secrets the land has to offer.

But our focus is very much on science and evidence backed  concepts.  So you won't find us peddling agave syrup or low-fat diets.  Just great tasting, wholesome food that's great for your health.

We are recognised as the #1 for yacon syrup UK and across Europe on Amazon and supply many top Peruvian restaurants.

"Conviva" is Spanish for "coexist", in case you were wondering!

Say "NO" to Bio-Piracy

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